Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cheap Gibson L5S Electric Guitar, Solid Body, 1972/73

Cheap Gibson L5S Electric Guitar, Solid Body, 1972/73 with Gibson L5S Electric Guitar

Gibson L5S Electric Guitar, Solid Body, 1972/73 Super Impressive plays with great feeling and versatile Sound.Extremely Rare - Ready to Play Now or Display.Cherry sunburst, Golden highest quality components, and maximize quality Shape.Customized, includes all original vintage Reform. Parts For Sale 1972-1973 Maple Gibson L5S solid body electric guitar. L5S Gibson electric guitar, solid body, electric guitar 1972/73. Super care - One owner, custom Dimarzio pickups with the L5S, pots, and knobs double. The switch-out step in, when activated it seems like a Fender Stratocaster. This guitar sounds great and sounds awesome. Vintage guitar collectors will the see a great value. L5S the best quality in workmanship of high quality hardware gold-plated, and support for the parties. This 1972/73 - L5S all parts are original except the original low-impedance pickups with gold, covers, knobs and plates have been replaced with Dimarzio pickups, and accessories. All pieces come with original period of this agreement. New owner has the option to restore to original condition vintage L5S, if . View More

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